Why It Matters – The March 24th Show

Why It Matters – The March 24th Show

Pelosi Infects Virus Relief


Targeted virus relief bill sailing through Congress until derailed by Pelosi’s leftist wish-list

e.g. – 32 mentions of ‘diversity’; nat’l election corruption; Postal Service bailout

Dem Clyburn: “tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision

Americans are receiving a vital, real time, free education about Democrats/leftism

  • They do not share the value of basic human decency
  • Lives don’t matter; emergency doesn’t matter; ‘fundamental transformation’ matters
  • Every crisis is viewed through the same lens:

How to use it to destroy American freedom in favor of leftist/govt control

What the Dems are doing is despicable; GOP should not give one inch

Trump should accelerate ‘back to work’; let Dems be forever tagged with this


Virus and Death of Reason


Fear distorts reason; panic destroys it

  1. The back-to-work spirit does NOT equate to callousness as to the vulnerable
    • A collapsed economy, lost jobs, lost savings—these affect public health, too
    • A total shutdown of America is wildly out of proportion to actual ‘lethality’ data
    • We can do multiple things at once:

Get back to work AND control the spread AND care for the vulnerable

  1. Why is every bit of good news spiked or instantly berated?
    • Thousands of recoveries, often compared to ‘bad cold’
    • Chloroquine (in correct, prescribed form) IS showing efficacy
  2. Florence, Italy mayor actually promoted ‘hug-a-Chinese’ because PC

taught him that racism is worse than virus…now look at Italy


Quarantine Economy Affects Health Too


Economic collapse is NOT impersonal; it deeply affects emotions and coping capabilities

There is no vaccine for suicide

The American work ethic is legendary, inbred, a part of the American DNA

  • It has nothing to do with greed; it has everything to do with the dignity of work and the value of industriousness and productivity
  • It is as much about valuing life as is the desire to prevent disease

A complete economic shutdown in America is unprecedented, stark, damaging

The burden is shifting to the proponents of total shutdown:

Why is this necessary? And the answer can’t be climate-change

style apocalyptic computer model projections; it must be based on

real data, real comparisons to other ‘flus’ or pandemics