Why It Matters – The March 25th Show

Why It Matters – The March 25th Show

Biden’s 1st Press Conference & Marijuana Controversy


Biden’s answer to yesterday’s question about preparing for his 1st press conference:

What press conference?”  …  Biden’s first in 64 days


The 77-year-old Biden is not as mentally alert as a President of the United States should be—no matter how he held up in a heavily prepped-for press conference where he had a prepared list of reporters to call on. This was not a traditional press conference.

And he promised to run again …

America must have a cogent, vigorous, functioning Commander in Chief

Bizarre WH firing decisions based on marijuana use in college…

…with Kamala Harris as Vice President?  Too many ‘WTH’ decisions…

Americans have a right to know who is running the White House


Bill Clinton and VP Harris on Women’s Empowerment?


  • Bill Clinton’s philandering—and lying about it—and 25+ trips to Jeffrey Epstein’s island, are matters of public record
  • Kamala Harris’ political climb and its correlation with her acknowledged affair with California Democrat kingmaker Willie Brown, is also a matter of public record…it’s understood to be among the reasons Harris as a presidential candidate never polled over 2%–even among Democrats
  • For Democrats to organize a conference on Women’s Empowerment featuring these two speakers is: Tone deaf?  Intentionally mocking of ordinary Americans?  No good answer

America is sinking into Orwellian depths


ACWT Membership Launch – One Week Away


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