Why It Matters – The March 25th Show

Why It Matters – The March 25th Show

Andrew Cuomo the Chosen?


Biden’s obvious disappearance during COVID-19 crisis…

…He’s not going to be the Dem nominee; he’s simply not up to it health-wise

Bernie’s ‘open borders’ and free healthcare for illegal aliens just isn’t going to play well in COVID-19 environment

Enter NY Dem Governor Andrew Cuomo as Dem Convention nominee?

  • NY appears to be hit hardest by virus
  • NYC under de Blasio enables Cuomo to appear sane by comparison
  • Praise for Trump may make it harder for Trump to tag him w/nickname

Cuomo is more viable than Biden or Bernie

Trump remains stronger than all three


DC’s Corona Insider Trading Scandal


US Senators dumping stock after intelligence briefing on coronavirus, and ahead of the public’s knowledge, is absolutely indefensible, disgraceful, and should require resignations (Loeffler may have an excuse if her ‘blind trust’-type story holds up)

These people are not ‘lords’; Americans have not granted them special immunity from honesty and decency

There is no need for a ‘law’ to condemn this behavior; it is outrageous on its face

Burr and Feinstein are among the worst of the Swamp; both ought to go

Burr’s SSCI appeared to be either in on OR supportive of the coup

Feinstein pulled the dirty trick on Kavanaugh