Why It Matters – The March 26th Show

Why It Matters – The March 26th Show

Chloroquine Death Lies


American man died from ingesting fish tank cleaner with a chemical name that includes chloroquine but is NOT the anti-malarial drug Trump and others have cited

Tragic validation of age-old wisdom – “use only as prescribed” by your doctor

But MSM headlines suggest death caused by drug touted by Trump

  • This is MSM malice toward Trump on a scale hard to believe
  • It is inexcusable; it ought to be legally actionable…outright, deliberate lies
  • And the lies hurt real people, and deny what appears to be

legitimate hope

Americans must recognize that MSM TDS is damaging AMERICA

Americans MUST tune out the MSM to force accountability


COVID-19 Numbers in America


Ponder this data from America’s CDC

“Regular” flu season statistics for America in 2019-2020

  • Estimated cases: 38M to 54M (M=million)
  • Estimated deaths: 23K to 59K (K=thousand)

COVID-19 statistics* for America in 2019-2020

  • Estimated cases: 44K
  • Actual deaths: 544

A necessary and responsible question:

            A complete shutdown of the US economy for this?

*For pre-recording purposes, this slide was prepared on March 24, 2020


Johns Hopkins – US “More Prepared” than All


Be wary of MSM themes condemning American response…they are mostly TDS on display

  • America woefully unprepared
  • Govt response (under Trump) pathetic

Preparation is necessarily imperfect for ‘unprecedented’ challenges

Unprecedented means it never happened before

Improvement is always possible and desirable

But the strength and sophistication of America’s healthcare system and pandemic response

towers over every other country relative to population and geography

Johns Hopkins University—not a Trump admin mouthpiece—pronounced:

“America is more prepared for a pandemic than any other country”