Why It Matters – The March 27th Show

Why It Matters – The March 27th Show

What Time it is in America  – March 2023


The big picture is extremely serious, extremely dangerous—

  • Putin and Xi Jinping developing an alliance; Chinese military on the rise; US military gone woke
  • Ukraine war edging toward nuclear confrontation and catastrophe
  • Excess mortality + birth rate decline…data is accumulating around the world

oCovid vaccines are NOT safe and effective…period…full stop

  • Southern border completely gone
  • Pictures of military equipment left behind in Afghanistan show the magnitude of betrayal
  • Cascading banking collapse around the world…NOT contained…bringing on CBDC/digital communism
  • Fed raising rates will accelerate economic contraction and decline…collapse of societal trust
  • Proof of stolen 2020 election is massive, growing and incontrovertible
  • Lawfare against Trump so brazen and meritless….signals Deep State as USA’s #1 enemy

Conventional bickering about Trump v. DeSantis is shallow and misses the point

America under the Constitution is at stake

Trump is the only one who sees it, says it and will fight it


Trump Rally Hits


Matt Gaetz’ call for DeSantis and Cruz to endorse Trump…resonates

  • DeSantis would never have been elected FLA Governor without Trump support
  • Cruz likely would have lost in 2018 to Beto O’Rourke without Trump support
  • DeSantis and Cruz don’t seem to grasp the MAGA movement and mood of the American electorate

No surprise that DeSantis is encountering donor doubts

Rove/Bush architecting DeSantis campaign will NOT win over the huge MAGA base

Trump’s Waco, Texas rally jammed…tens of thousands in attendance

No other leader in US history has shown similar drawing power over 8+ years

The American people’s attraction to Trump is NOT about personality

It is about the American people’s understanding of the extreme danger the country is in, AND

The recognition that Trump is the only one who clearly sees it, calls it out, and is putting

everything on the line to save the America of the founding

DeSantis (and every other candidate) is unserious given the stakes


Leftists in Israel & Everywhere:  All the Same


Political battle over judicial reforms appears to be creating severe division in Israel

  • Israeli Defense Minister spoke out for PM to slow down and compromise…warned of IDF soldiers refusing to report for service…was fired immediately by PM

Israeli strife has the feel of leftist-financed agitation creating the appearance of more controversy than actually exists

  • Leftists use ‘lawfare’ throughout the world as a blunt instrument of power
  • Routinely overturning duly enacted legislation by elected representatives

…because they are certain that they know better than the ordinary citizen

  • A concept of law built on godless intellect without wisdom, righteousness or morality

NYC DA Alvin Bragg has just demonstrated this leftist lawfare…intellectually parsing words/stretching statutes; trying to create crimes to destroy political opposition…

No surprise that Israel is at the center of the global spiritual war

Rule of Law and not of men is foundational to western civilization