Why It Matters – The March 28th Show

Why It Matters – The March 28th Show

Leftism Destroys Everything


Leftism is:

  • Aggressively godless and utterly devoid of love and inspiration
  • Supplies no meaning or purpose to life than the exercise of brutal power over others
  • Seeks the destruction of Judaism and Christianity

…which means it seeks the destruction of everything good that holds society together

America MUST find leaders who:

  • See leftism for what it is and what it is trying to do
  • Are willing to call it out, clearly, repeatedly, forcefully
  • Are committed to defeating it and removing it from American government

America’s battle with leftism IS existential…and leftists know it

American patriots must know it, too…and fight back like America’s survival depends on it

Because it does


Nashville Hate Crime – Who’s to Blame?


Dinesh D’Souza poses the right question:  What’s the difference between—

  • A man who says he believes he is a woman
  • A man who says he believes he is Napoleon Bonaparte

Answer:  There is no difference; they are both mentally ill…they are not to be hated, but they are not to be humored, either.  To humor them is to usher them toward tragic victimhood…true help for them begins with the refusal to indulge delusions

ØTransgenderism cultivates mental illness, just as CRT cultivates racism

ØTransgenderism is a denial of God-given identity…that’s what leftism is all about

Nashville shooter lashing out at Christian school is symbolic of leftism’s hatred of Christianity

Biden/leftist call for more gun control is willfully blind to the real pathology

But it is the standard move of Marxists throughout history:  Disarm the people


Biden, Taibbi & the Normalization of Tyranny


IRS Agent showed up unannounced at journalist Matt Taibbi’s home

…just prior to Taibbi’s Congressional testimony re govt censorship efforts at Twitter

ØThis is pure witness intimidation

ØThis is ‘send a message’ intimidation of all Americans who would speak against the govt

ØThis is a mindset that views govt as an independent, unaccountable instrument of power and control over people…NOT as a limited power entity whose purpose is protect God-given freedom



Taibbi grew up as ACLU-loving, left-wing Dem who staunchly supported freedom of speech

Taibbi says he’s now an Independent

More Dems need to wake up as Taibbi has


RESTRICT ACT: Censorship Snake via TikTok  Ban


Concerns over CCP surveillance via TikTok is rational

…but Uniparty is moving to authorize govt to police ALL social media

RESTRICT ACT is an abomination to the First Amendment

Where are the Republicans?

If they won’t stand up against destruction of the First Amendment…

Americans are awakening every day to the need for ALL NEW LEADERS


Yuval Harari Stoking Israeli Riots


  • Harari is a radical leftist turning the rule of law upside down…stoking civil war in Israel
  • Israel’s attempt to reign in rogue courts who make up their own law and nullify the laws enacted by duly elected legislatures (Knesset) is vital to govt by the consent of the governed
  • Harari believes leftist-lawyers-in-robes must be able to define law and control elected officials who are not as enlightened as they are
  • This debate should not be justification for strife and division…but leftists sense that their power is at risk, and they are resorting to desperation and fear-mongering tactics