Why It Matters – The March 28th Show

Why It Matters – The March 28th Show

Occupied America Waking Up


  • When ‘government’ is installed against the will of the people
  • When the installed government pursues an agenda opposed to the will of the people
  • When the installed government is destroying everything the people have built for themselves
    • The American people are living in an occupied nation

(cf. Hitler’s occupation of France in WW2)

  • Evidence of outcome-changing election fraud in 2020 is overwhelming, irrefutable, understandable…and increasing millions of Americans know it

A fraudulent, ‘installed’ administration is occupying America, and destroying it

The American people are waking up to this reality, and the pace of waking up is accelerating

Frank Gaffney captures the sentiment:  “Biden Must Go”


NO, America did not choose this


CHECK OUT:  electionfraud20.org        A thorough repository of EVIDENCE

  • The election fraud of 2020 was massive
  • Fraud enveloped EVERY state
  • Extended through the entire ballot…all levels of elected office

Dr. Douglas Frank’s findings are all-compassing; they are irrefutable on their merits; they have not been even slightly denied or debunked

The rogue, anti-American agenda of the Biden regime NOT chosen by the American people

The American people have a right to stand up NOW…remedy the fraud!


Dementia is Disqualifying


Biden committing major, serious, consequential, dangerous GAFFES almost every day

Directly bearing on war and peace issues in a nuclear era

WSJ – defender of Biden as legitimately elected – calls for Biden to stop speaking w/o script

Biden’s dementia is getting worse, and EVERYONE—friend and enemy—can see it

Biden should never have been allowed to run for President in this condition, but media, Uniparty and deep state orchestrated denial and coverup

This unconscionable, irresponsible denial and coverup is endangering innocent people around the world

Frank Gaffney captured the sentiment:  “Biden Must Go”


Removing the Wrecking Ball


Runaway inflation, out of control borders, energy prices out of control, January 6 committee acting like a totalitarian inquisition…the beat goes on and on and on

No one wants or encourages violence, but neither should any American accept ‘there’s nothing we can do’ to remedy the most obvious and egregious criminal fraud ever perpetrated

Established legal principle:  FRAUD VITIATES EVERYTHING downstream of the fraud

“We the people” must demand a government responsive to the will of the people and respectful of

the need for transparent ‘consent of the governed’ in order to exercise moral and legal authority

Frank Gaffney captured the sentiment:  “Biden Must Go”