Why It Matters – The March 29th Show

Why It Matters – The March 29th Show

Time for the 25th Amendment?


Gaffes” – not a strong enough word to describe Biden’s off-script rantings about:

  • Pursuing regime change in Russia
  • Sending the 82nd Airborne into Ukraine
  • Launching an ‘in kind’ bio-chemical attack if Russia uses such weapons

These are not minor ‘mis-speaks’ or harmless errors…they are remarks by the President of the United States of America, and they are:

  • .to all Americans, and to all mankind
  • Provocative
  • Easily mis-interpreted or misunderstood
  • Irresponsible

They are also the product of senility; mental decline

      This is what the 25th Amendment was intended to address…TIME TO INVOKE IT!!!


Democrats Love Power More Than America


Dems clamored for Trump to take a mental health exam…testing cognitive abilities

And Trump DID take the tests and DID pass with flying colors

Dems clamored for Trump cabinet to invoke the 25th amendment and remove Trump

Dems in 2022

  • Cannot possibly be oblivious to Biden’s state of mental decline
  • Cannot possibly be oblivious to risks to ALL Americans from Biden’s off-script rantings
  • Know what the 25th Amendment addresses

Biden is an obvious risk to America and the world, but the Dems so far won’t address it

They love power more than America


Ukraine & Russia: It’s Complicated


  • Oligarchs, corruption, authoritarianism…in every direction
  • Communism, New World Order/globalism in the mix
  • Respected voices have very different views
  • Clarity for what outcome is in America’s national interests not yet evident
  • Stalemate, non-escalation to nuclear weapons…these are the immediate hopes
  • Biden’s unfitness for office muddles everything


Worst thing about Will & Jada Smith


  • Oscars’ slap good for a lot of click bait – millions of opinions
  • Worst thing? Jada Pinkett’s “Red Page” Facebook show about her ‘family’ and personal life draws 30 million viewers
  • SO unserious – how many of those with opinions about Will’s slap or Jada’s show could find Ukraine on a map, or perceive the importance of the loss of freedom taking place in America, or understand the consequences of our open border?

Whither American culture???