Why It Matters – The March 29th Show

Why It Matters – The March 29th Show

O’Keefe Strikes: Democrat Act Blue Alleged Money Laundering


James O’Keefe has moved on from Project Veritas…

…but remains active in undercover journalism exposés

O’Keefe’s latest:

  • Act Blue” – A prolific DEM fund-raising organization, appears to be using senior citizen and other DEM donors to launder money from other sources…and direct it to Dems

Potentially as explosive as O’Keefe’s early work that exposed and dismantled ACORN

Unaudited, unaccountable trillion dollar spending by the federal govt/Uniparty has long been suspected as including massive laundering of such spending to favored political groups

O’Keefe’s work may ultimately expose a huge criminal enterprise

…in Democrat Party, Uniparty, and Govt itself




Trans ideology and militance appears more and more to be:

Enemy-engineered propaganda attack on America

  • Sudden appearance and massive spread of ‘trans’ ideology is utterly abnormal, artificial

…’trans’ wasn’t a thing even five years ago; now it dominates the news cycle

  • Trans ‘movement’ complaining of US ‘genocide’ against them is preposterous, totally unfounded

…but it has stirred and is steering mentally ill people toward violence…against Christians

Texas bill protecting children from surgical mutilation encountering orchestrated leftist opposition

ACWT listeners:  use link at  https://tinyurl.com/2p8sjzzb. to comment

Texas legislators MUST:

  • Recognize Left’s attack on America and Texas is focused on destroying Christianity and the family
  • Refuse to be intimidated by any leftist mob…TEXANS do NOT support mutilating children
  • Stand firm in their faith…slavery is wrong even if a majority supports it; so is the mutilation of children