Why It Matters – The March 29th Show

Why It Matters – The March 29th Show

Biden’s America-Destroying New Deal


Biden very deliberately looking to complete Obama’s ‘fundamental transformation’

Consulting historians about how much to push for how fast

Using climate, guns and voting to drive an avalanche of leftist initiatives

Hoping to move so fast with irreversible change that constitutional America can’t recover

Climate      => ‘infrastructure’ => green new deal => govt control of life choices

Guns           => Ignoring facts of CO mass murder by Islamic jihadist—who passed strict gun control background check—to push for more gun control, even by Exec. Order

Voting        => HR 1 ends fair elections; legalizes every form of vote and ballot fraud

Biden’s characterizations of GA and other election integrity legislation as “Jim Crow” is absurd, irresponsible and even incendiary

                 These initiatives are being propelled by false and misleading narratives/lies

      End of the world Climate fear; Causes of Crime/Violence; USA as white supremacist


Racist Accusation = Firing Squad


  • USD professor denounces CCP propaganda re virus origin; Asian students protest racism
  • Georgetown professor acknowledges poor performing black students – fired for racism
  • Oxford University to ban sheet music because of colonial origin = racist
  • NYT writer says whiteness is a public health crisis
  • USA Today ‘inclusion’ editor assumes CO murderer ‘always an angry white man’ (fired!?)
  • GA leftists demand removal of Masters Golf Tournament from GA due to election reforms

The pace and breadth of racist accusations is dizzying and unfounded

The purpose is to ‘guilt’ Americans into hating their country and each other

It needs to be called out and denounced as baseless propaganda

America is a good country; Americans are a good people

99.9% + of ALL Americans Deplore Racism


STOP the Kristi Noem Feeding Frenzy


  • No Governor was stronger in resisting the totalitarian impulse of covid control than South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem…and the results in SD validate the rightness of her approach
  • Noem is a product of heartland America—a real farmer/rancher

Noem ‘gets it’ as to America’s foundation of freedom and responsible, self-governing free people

  • Noem is clear on the existence of only two genders, and of athletic competition to be preserved as boys against boys, and girls against girls

Noem arguably stumbled in the handling of SD ‘transgender’ bill, but the feeding frenzy to instantly cancel her for it is unjustified and unwise

Patriots don’t have a deep bench; DeSantis, Pompeo, Jim Jordan

                                    and a few others…Noem belongs in the group