Why It Matters – The March 2nd Show

Why It Matters – The March 2nd Show

America Rattled – & What To Do About It


HR 1…HR 5…Amnesty for All…Silencing Political Opposition as Domestic Terror…the Troops in DC around barb-wired Capitol…Courts Joining the Swamp…Impending Covid and Green New Deal Tyranny…Government/Corporate Media/Big Tech Complex Controlling all of Life…

…and all of this following an election, not of the man who had 31 million Americans watching last week’s CPAC speech, but of the man that had 669 people watching last week’s presidential Celebratory Covid Vaccine White House Briefing

The collective weight of the mountain of lies engulfing America, and the relentlessness and speed at which they are being told and implemented, is dawning on millions of Americans

Ordinary Americans are going to have to save America with extraordinary efforts

Support State Legislatures that are resisting

Be informed, alert, speak out and stand up

Share ACWT, Join as a Member before April


Equality Act and Senator Rand Paul


  • Decades of civil rights activism brought equality to men and women in sports

…the Equality Act undoes all of that progress in one bill

  • The physiology of men and women are not the same, and pretending otherwise is not progress; the Equality Act codifies confusion
  • Senator Paul’s questioning of Rachel Levine was rightly focused…not about Levine but about the federal govt’s view of the surgical re-engineering of children’s gender

Americans are being pushed to reject foundational Judeo-Christian moral teaching for the godless religion of radical leftism…

The Equality Act is not good for America

Did Americans vote for this in November 2020?