Why It Matters – The March 2nd Show

Why It Matters – The March 2nd Show

SOTU Blowback


SOTU speech faces irrefutable blowback from….REALITY

    Since Trump left office–

  • Inflation out of control
  • Gasoline has more than doubled in price per gallon
  • Unemployment is up
  • Wages are down
  • Consumer confidence is way down
  • “Defunding the police” has been catastrophic in every city it has been tried
  • US military obsessed with pushing transgenderism while Russian army invades Ukraine

No speech or PR effort can save Biden’s presidency

Americans did not vote for this agenda and are more and more stridently opposed to EVERYTHING Biden is doing


College Transparency Act = MORE Surveillance


While American public’s attention diverted to Ukraine and pandemic unraveling…

Leftist House marches on with a radical left agenda

McConnell is not stopping everything

Latest initiative:  College Transparency Act –

Already passed by House and Senate (being reconciled in committee)

Vacuums up huge data trove relative to every student, every activity, every day

No student ability to opt out

Initiative supported by Bill Gates

Representative democracy + engaged legislature + public transparency… gone

Leftist/lobbyist driven agenda is dismantling American freedom day by day

Dems must be thrown out in November


Wisconsin Election News


Wisconsin Supreme Court justice—very highly regarded—acted as special counsel to review 2020 election irregularities in Wisconsin

  • Produced over-the-top proof of massive fraud…outcome-changing magnitude

Zuckerberg funded ballot harvesting produced 95-100% turnout…from nursing homes

  • Recommends ‘hard look’ at decertifying Wisconsin election results

Americans’ election fraud dilemma by analogy

  • A massive theft of diamonds has occurred
  • The details of the theft have been uncovered…everyone knows
  • The diamonds have been found and are in plain sight
  • But elected, spineless police (RINOs) throw up their hands: ‘there is nothing we can do

Americans must insist:  the GOP MUST take every opportunity to

Expose and confirm Truth of Election Fraud