Why It Matters – The March 2nd Show

Why It Matters – The March 2nd Show

Biden/the 3Bs – Dem Doomsday


Democrat choices for 2020 = “3 old white guys” NOT what hyphenated America ordered

  • 77 year old Joe Biden – mental failing is plain & cringeworthy to all adults
  • 78 year old Michael Bloomberg – smug elitist, no ability to connect with real people, history of offending women and black Americans
  • 78 year old Bernie Sanders – an angry communist, promising tyranny


Donald Trump @ 73 MORE robust, alert and savvy, will defeat ANY Democrat running …


Biden as nominee – Sanders’ supporters riot and stay home on Nov. 3

Bloomberg as nominee – Sanders’ supporters riot and stay home on Nov. 3;

traditional Dem voters vote Trump

Bernie as nominee – radical leftists turn out, sane Dems stay home.


In any case, GOP MUST turn out!        


Socialism BIGGER threat than Coronavirus


Dem playbook is worn out – “Never let a good crisis go to waste” isn’t working

  • Hysteria is exhausting as a campaign strategy
  • Coronavirus has been taken seriously by the Trump admin from the get-go

There are no magic solutions

Vigilance, wisdom, determination, persistence are needed


Larry Kudlow reminds: Socialism is a much greater risk to America than any virus


The American spirit is about optimism and overcoming, not panic and surrender


Politicization of the non-partisan coronavirus will backfire on Dems

This is not how Americans think

Americans pull together in times of crises

President Trump’s stature will rise, not fall, from this episode


Bill Barr Gets Bernie


AG Barr’s speeches are one reason Americans believe that Barr/Durham will impose accountability on the Deep State criminality that subverted the Constitution


At Notre Dame, the Federalist Society, and last week at the NRB convention, Barr’s speeches show him to be a deep thinker with sound knowledge of American history

He is not fooled by the themes of leftism…from his NRB speech:


“[Progressivism’s – Bernie’s – tacit goal] is to convert all of us into 25 year-olds living in the government’s basement, focusing our energies on obtaining a larger allowance rather than getting a job and moving out.”



Now, on to draining the Swamp