Why It Matters – The March 30th Show

Why It Matters – The March 30th Show

Why Leftists Attack Ginni & Justice Clarence Thomas


Clarence Thomas has NEVER conformed to the way the left insists that all black-skinned people should think and act…he is a classic conservative patriot who happens to be black

  • The left—led by then Sen. Joe Biden—has hated Thomas since his nomination to SCOTUS

Thomas has become a powerful intellectual force on the Court

  • A brilliant, principled, unapologetic, pro-American, pro-Constitution, Catholic thinker/writer…and so the left is obsessed with destroying him

Kerfuffle over wife Ginni’s texts…

  • Oblivious to the sexism of denying her right to be an activist citizen
  • Built on the false construct that the 2020 election cannot be questioned

(the left questioned the 2016 election for four years, and still question it)


           Justice Thomas is an anti-left cultural icon who puts the lie to ‘racist America’

    Threatens left’s power…fuss over wife’s texts just new pretext to try to destroy him


Leftist Loony Loses Seat


Airline passenger illustrates the reality and depths of Trump Derangement Syndrome

  • Harasses young male passenger for wearing a MAGA T-shirt
  • Insists that the young man be moved away from sitting next to her


Pilot ordered her and her husband OFF the plane

  • Passengers CHEER their removal

TDS both sad and disturbing…a media-created insanity that still afflicts many Americans

Joe Biden is everything the media said Trump would be

  • Irrational, ranting and raving, compromised, and bringing the world to the brink of world war

                        And the problem is Trump?


DeSantis, Disney & Children


Culture war is growing ever more war-like

  • Leftist woke-ism is controlling corporations (like Disney), demanding conformity to a political agenda

Florida law protects young children (K-3) from being sexualized by public school teaching

  • No morally sane person supports the sexualization of young children
  • Perverting the law into ‘don’t say gay’ is flatly dishonest and hysterical

A true test of ‘we the people’…the vast majority of Americans are fed up with this nonsense and perversion, but unless and until the people rise up and boycott Disney parks and movies, Disney will continue bowing to a leftwing mob they fear more than they fear Americans

            Walt Disney would be aghast at the craven leadership of the Company