Why It Matters – The March 30th Show

Why It Matters – The March 30th Show

Dem Govs Nix FDA-Approved Chloroquin


Dem Governors in Michigan and Nevada BAN use of anti-malarial drug for COVID-19

Their Rationale

  • Trump expressed hope about the drug, and they hate Trump
  • An AZ man died after voluntarily swallowing fish tank cleaner that he wrongly thought was the same as the drug
  • NeverTrumpers hyped a false message that Trump recommended a flawed drug

FDA has now approved the drug Trump touted, and it is showing efficacy: GOOD NEWS!

France, Bahrain, and others have documented positive results

These Governors are affirmatively harming infected patients within their states


                                    TDS remains as or more dangerous than COVID-19


Virus Spending = Socialist Rescue?


President Trump’s instinct to ‘Go Big’ to show care and commitment is understandable

The $2T package probably has some calming effect

But lots of danger signals…

  • The government has no money; rescues are just adding to taxpayer-owed debt
  • Distributing mind-blowing amounts of money is ALWAYS accompanied by abuses

Kennedy Center gets $25M and promptly lays off all musicians?

  • Fostering a culture of dependence and socialism, including socialized medicine
  • How many more times can it be done before collapsing the dollar and igniting inflation?


AMERICANS’ attitudes/behavior toward getting back to work

will determine if the cure will be worse than the disease


Help America Get Back to Work


The US economy is not a carton of ice cream that can ‘put on the shelf’ of a freezer and pulled out at any time…and it will still be good

It’s a carton of ice cream in a freezer where the power has been shutdown

America needs to turn the power back on; America needs to go back to work

More voices must speak out

  • Getting back to work DOES NOT PRECLUDE care for the sick and vulnerable
  • Americans can practice hand-washing and safe distancing AND STILL GO BACK TO WORK
  • Economic despair is a health risk that can be felt by people of all ages

It could be far more serious than covid-19 health risk


HOPE – American Goodness Overflowing


Tests, masks, hand-sanitizers, ventilators – American companies are stepping up

MIT releases newly designed $100 ventilator—free for manuf. to start making

Volunteer efforts helping with meals for the needy are sprouting up all over

Help and support of healthcare workers also spreading

America is a great country

Americans, not politicians, will be in charge of saving and preserving their country

Look for an ACWT petition to send to the White House –

            Let Americans be free; let Americans GO TO WORK