Why It Matters – The March 31st Show

Why It Matters – The March 31st Show

GA Election Law & Critical Race Theory


GA election reform law

  • People must write a driver’s license number on their absentee ballot envelopes
  • Limiting ballot drop boxes to places they can’t be tampered with
  • Limiting private solicitation of voters in line at precincts

To label these as akin to Jim Crow laws is ignorant, absurd and irresponsible

Yet Delta Airlines, MLB and GA law firms act to align with opponents of election reform

GA law firm(s) oust attys who are GA reps who voted FOR the reforms—they fear the leftist mob and believe the mob can sway their clients to leave them, so they oust law partners who are acting legitimately as duly elected officials…

this reflects a collapse of cultural confidence

in the discernment and decency of the American people


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Passover & Easter & America


“Holy Week” in America

Passover for Jews – Freedom from bondage to Pharoah; safety from harsh govt decree; on through the Red Sea to the Ten Commandments and the Promised Land for the children of Israel…celebrated for millennia

Easter for Christians – Even more important than Christmas…finding in the resurrection the most complete concept of freedom and salvation, built on the teachings of the Sermon on the Mount…celebrated for two thousand+ years

The Jewish and Christian concepts of freedom are the foundation of America

This is why so many references to “Judeo-Christian Values”



Passover & Easter & America


America’s 2nd place entrant for consideration as “the Great Seal of the United States”:

The children of Israel emerging from the Red Sea, guided by Moses and the ‘pillar of cloud’ by day…”Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God

America does in fact have a Judeo-Christian foundation