Why It Matters – The March 3rd Show

Why It Matters – The March 3rd Show

Super Tuesday Wagon-Circling


Dems’ Super Tuesday results are just a distraction

Dem ruling class has decided:

  • Sanders’ communism is not viable…

…therefore Klobuchar/Buttigieg/Beto told to endorse Biden

  • Biden can be a placeholder until the Dem convention

…he will not be the nominee because of mental decline and Ukraine scandal

  • Look for HRC, Michelle or other outsider to emerge from brokered Dem convention

NOT Bloomberg because he does not connect with the American people; NYC Mayor position could be bought by Wall St billionaire; US Presidency cannot

Trump’s re-election prospects have never been higher


Coronavirus, China Collapse?


The flaws of the China ‘colossus’ are being exposed

  • Waste management systems & hygienic habits still primitive & help spread disease
  • An atheist government has nothing but brute force to turn to in time of crisis
  • Lies eventually collapse – the CCP cannot lie its way into resuming factory production if there are no healthy workers to operate them

RESULTS: Near economic shutdown; quarantined apartment buildings essentially prisons;                    mass cremations; unreliability of all reporting data

Look for major global industry re-thinking of China sourcing…

…and major new manufacturing opps in USA and elsewhere

BEST result for the Chinese People: A Freedom Movement Emerges