Why It Matters – The March 4th Show

Why It Matters – The March 4th Show

Border Abandonment Backfire


Radical left immigration agenda driven by ideologues who don’t live on the border

Stop the wall, open the borders, reinstate catch and release, pathway to citizenship…all out of touch

GOP warning of national security implications of surge of illegal immigrants

Border crossings up to 3,500 per day

Alien children crossings at 300 per day

108 illegal immigrants picked up in Texas, tested positive for covid, released into Texas

New overflow facilities, tent cities

Even Texas Democrat Rep. Henry Cuellar warns of loss of control

Was a vote for Biden in Nov. 2020 evidence that Americans wanted

these border/immigration policies?



BLM & Antifa Still Rioting


BLM and Antifa seek a Marxist revolution and overthrow of the USA

            MSM sold the narrative that BLM/Antifa unrest was all about getting rid of Trump

The election of Biden did not change their objective; only accelerated efforts

  • BLM now blocking traffic in Louisville Ky over police brutality charges
  • Antifa still rioting in Portland, OR

Damages/losses from BLM/Antifa rioting in summer 2020 estimated at 66X the damages/losses from January 6th in Capitol

            Yet Wray/Pelosi say white supremacy is America’s No. 1 threat

Americans are witnessing an ongoing Marxist revolution

The MSM/Dem/Deep State are denying it…

and thereby enabling it