Why It Matters – The March 4th Show

Why It Matters – The March 4th Show

BEST News of Super Tuesday


  1. In many states, President Trump—running unopposed in GOP primary—received more votes than all Dems, combined

This is the passion and unity of happy Trump supporters

There is no comparable energy on the Dem side

  1. Michael Bloomberg’s proud elitism & Warren’s dishonesty rejected by Dem voters

There is a spirit that ‘we the people’ still govern AND truth matters

  1. AOC-backed candidates flopped

AOC is a media-created star; she and her ideas are not embraced by Main Street

  1. Donna Brazile – ‘doth protest too much’…she KNOWS Dems decided against Sanders

She just doesn’t want everyone else to know how they operate


Trump Supporters Humor


Trump supporters drive-by boat bullhorn at a Bernie speech…

Yes, it’s a little rude, but the spirit ROCKS

Americans are happier than they have been in a long time…MAGA inspires and resonates

Americans are tired of Bernie’s ranting and railing on America

America is a good country, filled with good people, who are proud of America

Americans love freedom; they do not want socialism

The symbolism of this video is brilliant


CA Ubers to Trump?


California’s Dem-controlled government passed AB5 into law

Guts the ‘gig’ economy in favor of unions

Destroys Uber, Lyft and similar business models…how many workers/families?

But neither drivers nor customers wanted this law

Just a dictate from a ruling class, not a response to public need

Protests against AB5 so far defiantly dismissed by Dem lawmakers

Discontent is brewing in California…AB5 + homelessness

Super Tuesday results: 9 Congressional seats primed for flipping from Dem to GOP

With a few more CA trips by Trump, could CA be in play?