Why It Matters – The March 5th Show

Why It Matters – The March 5th Show

SUPER TUESDAY:  America Wants the America First Agenda


  • Legacy media and ruling class elites are obsessed with making everything about the 2024 election cycle…about the personality of Donald Trump
  • They are utterly missing the point
  • Americans know their country is being destroyed by a leftist cabal they never elected
  • March 5 primary results should show massive “R” turnout for MAGA candidates

ØIf the results don’t show that…

…expect trust in election integrity to erode further


SCOTUS Preserves Elections by We The People


SCOTUS’ 9-0 ruling:

  • A welcome relief, though they skirted the phony ‘insurrection’ narrative
  • A major defeat for the leftwing practitioners of “Lawfare”—which is the use of bogus legal claims to control who can run for office in America
  • Beware – Deep State is increasingly impotent

…which makes them increasingly desperate and dangerous


Gemini Should END Google


Google’s AI product launch a colossal failure

  • Embedded agenda to ‘eradicate white people’ and promote leftwing doctrines infects essentially every answer
  • Gemini’s agenda was not a mistake, nor a result of sloppy product development

It is a reflection of the monolithic leftwing thinking that dominates Silicon Valley

Gemini’s AI says humanity would be better off suffering a nuclear apocalypse

than to have anyone misgender Caitlyn Jenner     


Gemini is garbage…as is the Company that produced it


Arrest of Blaze Media’s Steve Baker Should Alarm EVERY American


  • Baker was at J6…and video that day confirms he was acting as a journalist
  • But Baker has been critical of many aspects of approved J6 narrative
  • Biden’s FBI/DOJ just frog-marched Baker out of Blaze studios, took him to jail and put him in leg irons as part of the charging process (more than 3 years after J6!)

Pure police state intimidation tactics to silence political opposition

Govt treatment of Steve Baker is unconscionable, un-American

America is under siege in a Communist revolution…and the treatment of Baker confirms it


Laken Riley Murder: Biden & ICE Responsible


  • Georgia college student out for a jog…murdered brutally by illegal immigrant
  • Every decent human being knows this is unacceptable and intolerable
  • Americans know it is a direct result of Biden’s open southern border
  • Big Tech/Big Govt censorship cabal thinks the Laken Riley incident can be swept aside

ØIt can’t…

ØAmericans are fed up…

Øand the March 5 Super Tuesday results will show they are fed up


Nikki’s DC “Win”


Legacy media’s loss of credibility perfectly illustrated by coverage of Haley ‘win’ in DC

DC Results:

  • Legacy media: Haley won 63% of the GOP vote!
  • Reality: the total GOP vote in the DC Swamp was a little over 2,000 IN TOTAL
  • Haley got <1,300 votes in a primary that is utterly irrelevant to America at large

Trump will be the GOP nominee for President in 2024

What will be the next effort of the Deep State to stop him?