Why It Matters – The March 6th Show

Why It Matters – The March 6th Show

Bernie “Comes Out” — as a Capitalist!


Bernie Sanders had his leftist guard down with Bill Maher…given the choice between:

  • ‘Equality’ – meaning equality of opportunity for all persons but not guarantee of outcomes


  • ‘Equity’ – meaning guaranteed equal outcomes for all persons

Sanders chose equality!

            …which is also the answer of conservatives, patriots, and ‘America First’ supporters

Sanders either stumbled on or inherently knows the truth

  • Equality of outcomes as policy nullifies any incentive to strive for excellence or merit
  • Assures only equal misery for all

America is not and must never become a socialist, ‘equity-based’ country

Individual freedom is Americans’ birthright and must be preserved


CPAC and the Presidency


CPAC offers a unique window for freedom to express political opinion, and react to it

  • Vivek Ramaswamy offered a new face and new voice: anti-woke-ism message resonated
  • Nikki Haley seems aligned with identity politics for her support…but is anti-socialist
  • Ron DeSantis widely supported for political leadership and courage as FLA governor

But Donald Trump dominates the CPAC polling

  • A clear sense he was robbed in 2020 and deserves a second term
  • Polling shows Trump appealing to minorities and the young…building the ‘big tent’

GOP ruling class always frustrated with CPAC and Trump

CPAC adds to Trump’s momentum…can ‘GOPe’ really stop him?


Trump’s Agenda 47


“Agenda 47” plan to sell off a small amount of excess federal land…build new cities in new places…better schools…better energy efficiency…’baby bonuses’ to support families

Regardless of the specifics, Agenda 47 is a visionary, inspirational message

  • Classic “Americanism” to envision, and then strive for big things, big improvements

…with a ‘we can do it!’ spirit

Trump is lapping his competition for the GOP nomination and for President

  • Biden’s outlook is dark and foreboding; ‘managing decline’ and doing without
  • Other GOP candidates not yet offering much that is visionary…just ‘I’m not Trump’

Ramaswamy likely to jump into the visionary ‘lane’

It is good for America to have leaders compete on visionary, big and positive goals


Idaho Secessionists & MTG National Divorce Plan


Secession and ‘national divorce’ sentiments rising throughout the USA

Few Americans really want geographical separation or division

But American patriot tolerance for compromise with leftists has run out

  • No mutilation or sexual grooming of children
  • No teaching of racial division
  • No teaching of hate of America
  • MUST have a border – America is a sovereign nation, not a servant to globalists

No middle ground on any of these…just as no middle ground re slavery

‘Unity’ must be around these ideas; there is no America without them