Why It Matters – The March 7th Show

Why It Matters – The March 7th Show

Constant Online Life Hurts Kids


Even without covid masks and lockdowns, children everywhere are voluntarily locked onto watching inanimate phone and computer screens…and noticeably suffering:

  • Loss of motivation
  • Loss of creativity

Add covid masks and social distancing…and children everywhere have suffered:

  • Two years of slowed development (especially speech development for the very young)
  • Stilted human interaction – no ability to react to smiles and frowns

Parents must reclaim their pre-eminent place in parenting and loving children

As Rebecca Friedrich’s movie asks:  “Whose Children Are They?”


Cawthorn Survives Dem Hit Squad


  • Leftist lawyers arguing any personal ‘touch’ with January 6th = participation in an ‘insurrection’ against the govt, and is therefore grounds for disqualification for elective office under the 14th Amendment of the Constitution
  • 14th Amendment targeted disqualification of post Civil War southerners….however—

Disqualification explicitly nullified by 1872 vote of House of Representatives

  • First leftist target in 2022: Congressman Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina. (Setting  the stage to use same argument vs President Trump IF he ran again.)
  • First ruling in 2022: 1872 vote was conclusive; 14th Amendment’s disqualification provision no longer in force…Cawthorn free to run for re-election

Super-irony:  Some Leftist lawyers attacking Cawthorn may be indicted

for role in ‘insurrection’ against Trump in 2016


COVID: Myths Debunked YET Mandates Tightened


Covid myths have been debunked across the board

  • Deaths were grossly over-counted
  • Lethality largely defined by co-morbidities
  • Masks never worked
  • Lockdowns were a healthcare and economic disaster
  • Hospitals incentivized by cash for dangerous treatments with remdesivir and ventilators
  • Vaccines are not ‘safe and effective’ by historical standards…no effect on Omicron
  • Vaccine passports for restaurant patronage being dropped even in NYC


California legislature moving ahead with vaccine mandates for children and teenagers

WTH is the agenda of CA and others still pushing Covid Fear and mandates?