Why It Matters – The March 8th Show

Why It Matters – The March 8th Show

Ruling Class vs The Peasants People


Sea Island GOP gathering (without Trump) highlights ‘ruling class’ mentality

  • Planning the people’s future
  • Who shall hold office; who shall not

This goes on with both parties and at all levels

Nothing wrong with experienced people engaging in planning for the future

  • But the elitist condescension toward Main Street Americans exhibited at Sea Island and other ‘party’ gatherings has become offensive…MAGA patriots have had enough

Free, fair and secure elections will shake up the leadership of America

FIX election fraud!


Biden’s Gas Pump Blues: Communists to the Rescue


Biden blocks Russian oil…after nixing Keystone pipeline…and using strategic reserves…

But won’t reopen American oil industry

  • Going to socialist Venezuela and Islamist Iran for oil??!!
  • Since when is oil from Venezuela or Iran more climate friendly than US oil?)

This is a huge Main Street American issue…gas prices going to $10+ per gallon are enormously destructive to the family budget

Biden’s oil policy makes no sense whatsoever EXCEPT as purposeful activity by the radical left and the climate change cultists to destroy America

Americans are almost 100% red-pilled…what will be next?