Why It Matters – The March 8th Show

Why It Matters – The March 8th Show

Hershey’s Chocolate – Standing for Women?


Hershey’s Chocolate goes all-in with the trans-agenda

  • Celebrates International Women’s Day (?) by honoring a man who wants to be a woman

The right idea of women’s rights:

  • Equal access to education, careers and leadership roles; equality under the law as to rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; respect for motherhood

Transgenderism is NOT a woman’s issue; it’s another hyped ‘ism’ that affects all of society

  • Hershey’s conflating of trans with women caused a misfire—and they will pay a big price

Woke-ism obviously still has a hold on corporate America

Hershey’s believes it is riding unstoppable trends that will redefine a woman

Just the modern iteration of an age-old question:  who is the Creator—God or man?

America was founded on the truth of God as the creator


J6 Tape: Time for Truth


Tucker Carlson’s ‘reveal’ of the content of previously withheld J6 video is stunning

üA totally unarmed, mostly peaceful protest by a people who rightly believed their election

had been stolen; nothing remotely resembling a ‘violent insurrection’


  • QAnon Shaman” was guided around the Capitol voluntarily….by the Capitol police
  • He is a US Navy veteran who was and is anything but a terrorist
  • Yet this video evidence was withheld from his defense counsel…and he is in prison for 4 years
  • Officer Brian Sicknick was NOT killed or struck by protestors
  • He is on video walking around the Capitol…AFTER media reported he had been beaten to death by a protestor wielding a fire extinguisher

ØNo possible way to overstate the deeply damaging societal convulsions caused by the willingness of the media, the Dems, and the FBI/DOJ to LIE to the American people about what happened on January 6th


ØNo form of accountability is too severe for the people and institutions that perpetrated

  this fraud on the American people and the American Republic


Mega-Orwell Stanford: The Snitching Agenda


Stanford University launches “Eliminate Harmful Language Initiative”

  • Software tracking of students ‘guilty’ of biased incidents
  • Students encouraged to snitch on each other for offenses
  • No due process rights for the accused; just forced re-education

This is CCP/totalitarian-style thought-control…the very opposite of American free speech

Even some liberal Stanford professors uncomfortable with this direction

There is nothing good that can come from totalitarian thought-control

Demeans the entire human condition…forces subservience to secular thought-masters

Stanford must find the moral compass to reject this…or Stanford will decline, rapidly