Why It Matters – The March 8th Show

Why It Matters – The March 8th Show

International Women’s Day and Andrew Cuomo


Biden Administration ‘honors’ International Women’s Day, while….

  • Simultaneously pushing the Equality Act, which denies the existence of biological women,

and seeks to make the entire concept of gender meaningless

  • Completely silent on five credible accusations of sexual harassment of women by Democrat Andrew Cuomo
  • Andrew Cuomo was among the harshest in condemning Brett Kavanaugh over accusations

that were not nearly as credible as those made against Cuomo

  • Biden himself was credibly accused of sexual harassment, but the Dem/MSM/Big Tech

alliance squelched it

Hypocrisy is not new to politics, and hypocrites are bipartisan but is it possible Americans are reaching a tipping point of revulsion toward the ruling class?


Covid Bonanza Bill


When billion$ (even trillions?) in government payments are made to men, women and children without any work requirement….

  • Wealth redistribution is taking place on an enormous scale
  • The welfare state is being re-constructed
  • A leftist/Marxist, Cloward-Piven vision of overthrowing American freedom and the free market economic system is being implemented

When wealth redistribution takes place on an enormous scale, and the welfare state is

being re-constructed as the direct result of economic collapse engineered by government-ordered lockdowns….

…millions of Americans question whether the pandemic was

            an unanticipated naturally-occurring emergency or a manufactured crisis


AZ’s Ballots in Dumpster Program


Maricopa County Arizona—home to Phoenix/Scottsdale area—is Dem-controlled

  • A focal point of election irregularities since November 3rd, 2020
  • County supervisors refused court order to open voting machines to inspection
  • Now AZ State Senate-ordered audit of paper ballots is followed by the appearance of shredded ballots in a dumpster

Arizona is a window on almost all official behavior throughout the USA regarding demands to do actual investigation of election fraud concerns

  • Common sense says these are not the actions of honest officials with nothing to hide

This is why election fraud concerns will not go away…angry denials are not investigations, and common sense still resides in the vast majority of the American people