Why It Matters – The March 9th Show

Why It Matters – The March 9th Show

Trump Starves RINOs & Dems Starve Lincoln Project


  • Trump denies GOP right to use photos for fundraising purposes; GOP pushes back for right to use photos of ‘public figure’
  • Back-and-forth obscures the reality:
    • Trump and the MAGA Agenda are the future of the GOP; that’s where the $$ and energy is
    • That’s why RINO Sen. Blunt is retiring; that’s why there’s speculation about McConnell retiring
  • Lincoln Project full of ‘hate Trumpers’ turns out to be corrupt and perverted, taking in millions from liberals of all kinds…may be headed for bankruptcy…hatred and jealousy toward Trump turns out not to be a foundation for anything lasting

No one disputes that 75M Americans voted for Trump

The GOP cannot survive without embracing the MAGA agenda

Lincoln Project has no purpose if no President Trump to hate


Biden’s Decline


Becoming impossible not to notice…

…and impossible for Dems/MSM to hide Biden’s obvious mental decline

An ugly, daily reminder of the left’s lust for power—

  • Everyone in Dem power knew Biden was not mentally fit long before the election
  • But everyone agreed Biden is the only candidate who could be sold as moderate
  • An entire political party and its power structure played along, propping up a man with dementia as a legitimate candidate for POTUS and Commander-in-Chief
  • Still propping him up; he is not capable of all the EOs and bombing decisions

….who is running the White House?  Who is really the President?

         This is extremely dangerous for America and the world

If all Americans knew fully of Biden’s condition before the election

            …would 80M vote for him?  Would even 50M vote for him?


Trump’s Burrowers


  • Leftists out in force thru ‘accountable.us’ to press for termination of any Trump appointees still remaining/’burrowing in, in government positions
  • Yet Obama acted unilaterally before Trump took office to move many of his political appointees into career Govt employee positions because they are protected by civil service laws –
  • Trump’s entire term hamstrung by hangers on from Obama administration, constantly undermining MAGA policies

There was never a GOP equivalent to accountable.us…TOO few of the Established GOP In DC supported Trump or helped him see the Obama Holdover problem

                    GOP now realizing they’ll have to embrace the MAGA agenda or die