Why It Matters – The March 9th Show

Why It Matters – The March 9th Show

Jan. 6th “Insurrection” Hoax Exposed


Project Veritas releases yet another undercover video

  • Exposes Matthew Rosenberg—NYT reporter and Pulitzer Prize winner—spouting his honest take on January 6th: not scary, not organized, full of FBI informants…NOT what NYT reported

The NYT creates and perpetuates false narratives to achieve political goals

  • January 6th as an “insurrection” has always been a hoax; now seen in PV video as a deliberate falsification to create prosecutions, biased jurors and disqualifications of those suspicious of election fraud

Recent conviction of a Jan. 6th defendant does not convert a protest into an insurrection

  • Defendant violated DC gun laws and didn’t deny it (though was never in the Capitol)
  • Other Jan. 6th judges rebelling against fed/NYT mischaracterization of Jan. 6th events

                   Truth is gradually overtaking the lies…Project Veritas deserves thanks


Omnibus $1.5 TRILLION Threat


Consider:  the Omnibus $1.5T spending bill is 2,700 pages long, with 2,400 pages of explanation, and members of Congress have been given 12 hours to review it before voting

  • There is no covid emergency justifying such spending
  • This is the work of lobbyists, not legislators
  • No legislator will know everything in this bill before voting on it
  • It is per se irresponsible to conduct government in this way; arguably criminal malfeasance
  • $14B to aid Ukraine, when $4B could build the Wall—but funding for the Wall is not included

‘We the People’ MUST shout “NO!” to everything the federal government is doing whether supported by DEMS or GOP…

This is Uniparty destruction of America…and They know it


MORE Covid $$$ After $100 BILLION Stolen?


Over $100B in ‘covid relief’ fraud now under investigation

$100B was >25% of national debt in 1970…now just another example of monstrous irresponsible spending

Federal govt (and govt at every other level) rife with over-reaction to covid, unwise make-everything-worse policies, and profligate spending at ‘funny money’ levels

Omnibus spending bills are fiscal poison…adding fuel to the dumpster fire of govt

This cannot be sustained…govt is entirely out of control…and both parties are at fault

The only answer is ‘we the people’ taking back government in hundreds of ways

Stay tuned to ACWT for more on those ways!