Why It Matters – The March 9th Show

Why It Matters – The March 9th Show

Dallas Vote Fraud Fears


Dallas Co. election irregularities in March 3rd primary voting have become a national story

  • Uncounted ‘thumb drives’ of precinct vote tallies: 44 thumb drives ~ 10% of vote
  • Four days of apparently undocumented ‘chain of custody’ issues re thumb drives
  • Speculation runs rampant – forensic evaluation of thumb drive contents needed.

Texas’ state leadership may need to step in, investigate, clean house, and possibly take over Dallas elections in November

Honest elections officials on both political sides SHOULD agree on goals of accurate vote counts & sunlight of truth on processes

Time for Truth, not Blind Trust


Mark Meadows, NEW WH Chief of Staff


  • Uni-party resistance to President Trump from Day 1 was not understood and was grossly underestimated by Americans generally and by President Trump himself
  • Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan, John Ratcliffe, Doug Collins, Louie Gohmert are among the few DC denizens who DO understand and do NOT underestimate this resistance
  • Appointment of Meadows as President’s Chief of Staff is a major step forward for President Trump and the MAGA/KAG agenda
    • Better protection of the President from ‘fake DC friends’
    • Additional courage to face down Deep State corruption and drain the Swamp
    • Alignment with the spirit of Trump’s agenda
    • Meadows is a patriot; not looking to write the next tell-all book


CoronaPanic and Soros


Any as yet uncontained or ‘un-remedied’ virus should be handled seriously and wisely

  • Pence’s group, including Dr. Ben Carson, are doing exactly that

Americans should be wary of over-the-top hysteria and fear-mongering, including in financial markets (read Kevin Freeman’s “Secret Weapon” re documented evidence of purposeful actions in 2008 financial crisis intended to harm America’s economy)

  • Leftists openly embrace “never let a good crisis go to waste
  • Fear and panic can open up the opportunity to make radical changes that would be rejected out of hand absent fear and panic
  • Leftists like Soros seek to see Trump removed from office or not re-elected

Be thoughtful and careful regarding coronavirus facts and analysis

Be wise in behaviors

Reject panic or hysteria