Why It Matters – The May 10th Show

Why It Matters – The May 10th Show

Biden to Forgive Student Loans?


Estimates as high as $1.2Trillion in unpaid student loans

Biden admin reportedly considering ‘forgiveness’ of all or some portion

  • Naked political tactic to draw in millennial/student borrower class as Dem voters

Dubious whether Biden can even do this without consent of Congress

Loan ‘forgiveness’ at this scale is not free of consequences

  • The burden of written off student loans is borne by American taxpayers
  • It’s effectively $1.2Trilion in govt spending flushed down the toilet…fueling the case for a worthless dollar…adding to inflation…instilling a message of irresponsibility w/o consequence
  • What’s the message to students who DID pay off their loans? Or worked their way through without borrowing?


Surrendering American Sovereignty to WHO?


Biden admin has proposed rules by which to grant the World Health Organization power to declare and deal with health emergencies in any country, including USA

  • Displaces the US government and American people from sovereignty over their affairs

The Constitution gives no such power to any part of the US government

  • Unenumerated powers are reserved to the States, or to the people

Do the American people consent to having the WHO dictate living conditions in the USA?

Have the American people even been informed of this…much less asked for their consent?

When Frank Gaffney and Dr. Peter Breggin are shouting the same warning…

…Americans need to wake up and pay attention



Left CAN’T Refute 2000 Mules


AP/Politifact/other attempts to refute the election fraud evidence amassed in 2000 Mules

is falling flat, even laughable

Tracing cellphone pings alleged by leftist critics to be unreliable…yet—

  • Previously extolled by NYT as ‘precise’ when used to trace a visitor to Mar-A-Lago
  • Used by US military for targeting individuals…when it HAS to be right

Leftist critics try to allege alternative explanations for mule behavior

  • Could be election workers?
  • Could be friends and neighbors helping a disabled voter?

These lines of criticism are pure silliness:  Mules ON VIDEO making 20, 50 and sometimes 100 ballot drops per day, mostly in the middle of the night…NOT election workers/NOT friends and neighbors

2000 Mules is proving to be a game-changer; when will elected officials speak up?