Why It Matters – The May 10th Show

Why It Matters – The May 10th Show

Wokeness Pandemic Killing America


‘Wokeism’ is secular fundamentalist religion…

  • “Morality” out; LGBTQ etc in
  • Critical race theory replaces MLK ‘content of character, not color of skin’
  • No tolerance for any differing views
  • Expulsion/banishment for non-conformity…is violence next?

…and its proponents intend to replace Judaism, Christianity – i.e., the Bible

Wokeism is angry, ugly, accusatory and utterly without love

It will destroy the fabric of America if left unopposed


The Biden Jobs Report MISS


Before the actual jobs report for April—

– Axios (5/3/21): “A Jobs report for the ages

– Reuters (today, before the report was released): “U.S. economy likely created nearly a million jobs in April

– CNBC (4/29/21): “April jobs expected to top 1 million as consumers boost the economy

– MarketWatch (5/6/21): “A million new jobs? That’s how many Wall Street thinks the U.S. created in April

– Barron’s (5/6/21): “Get Ready for a Blockbuster Jobs Report of 1 Million or More

– New York Times (5/7/21): “Jobs Report Is Expected to Show a Big Gain: Live Updates

– NYT columnist Paul Krugman (5/6/21): “All indications are that we’re headed for the fastest year of growth since the ‘Morning in America’ boom of 1983-1984. What’s not to like?”

Actual report of 266,000 jobs:  the biggest negative ‘miss’ in the history of forecasting

[Post-show NOTE:  some say the ‘miss’ was the biggest since 1998, and not the biggest in history; others say biggest in history…not sure it matters much; the policy prescription for such a miss is what’s critical]

Jobs are available but unfilled

DeSantis, not Biden, has the right policy:

incentivize people to go to work, not stay at home for covid benefits


WaPo Ducks “Kill Chain”


Hit piece on Russ Ramsland re election fraud claims published today

Huge omission:  any reference to the 2019 documentary

“Kill Chain – The Cyber War on America’s Elections”

Documentary was a Democrat-dominated warning about election fraud in 2020 elections

Foreshadowed the actual 2020 election fraud that Russ Ramsland and ASOG uncovered

Put the lie to voting machines ‘not connected to the internet

“Kill Chain” substantially bolsters the credibility of Russ Ramsland/ASOG…

Also notable:  high number of key, named witnesses in WaPo story who would not respond to WaPo requests for comment

  • WaPo might believe default characterization of ‘no comment’ as evidence of guilt or something to hide
  • More likely – more people completely distrustful of honesty in media