Why It Matters – The May 11th Show

Why It Matters – The May 11th Show

America’s Soviet Wokeness


Victor Davis Hanson – An American treasure…historian, classicist, author, astute observer

Compares USA under ‘woke-ism’ to past Soviet control of the masses

Generations of Americans have a dulled sense of the privilege of freedom…

…and of free, independent thought

  • Accepting dictates on behavior for ‘public health’
  • Accepting dictates on the only way to think about election fraud, covid, vaccines, climate change…according to Big Tech
  • Accepting CRT, defunding police
  • Akin to a trance or mesmerized state?

Will enough of the <45 years old Americans wake up in time?


Wokeness: Texas Policing  & CIA’s Recruiting Lunacy


Plano, Texas police accommodate BLM protesters illegally blocking traffic, arrest the citizen who objects. Texas AG Paxton steps up with public rebuke of Plano police.

‘Wokeness’  apparently requires tolerating lawlessness by some citizens

CIA recruiting video touting “cisgender” “woman of color” & “intersectional” status as the CORE message of the ad.   NO mention of keeping America safe, OR of their stated mission:

“to gather and share intelligence to protect our Nation from threats.”


Wokeism isn’t just shallow obsession with skin color or other identity traits OR

mere thoughtless submission to the new rules of anti-American wokeism.

IT is dangerous because it corrupts and distracts those who would protect us