Why It Matters – The May 11th Show

Why It Matters – The May 11th Show

Ukraine Slush Fund Vote


Biden’s request for $33B in aid to Ukraine raised by House and Senate to $40B

  • Chip Roy points out: bill introduced at 3 pm; voted on before midnight


This is a farce…a mockery of American democracy

  • “Elected reps responsive to the will of the American people” has become a joke
  • A gesture of arrogance and defiance by the ruling class against the American people
  • Few controls or discipline in disbursement…turns State Dept into unaccountable piggybank serving the interests of the State Dept and other elements of deep state

                  This is only possible and sustainable because elections are rigged

        The American people MUST rise en masse to fix this, or their country is gone


Ukraine MORE important than ….


The federal govt is bankrupt/insolvent; it survives only because it can print money and is living out the last years of confidence in the US dollar…yet $40B waived through to Ukraine


  • Full border wall for US southern border—at a cost of $15B—was voted DOWN by Congress
  • $40B (in six months) is more than America spends on its roads and bridges in a year
  • USA appears to be running out of baby formula
  • Food shortages appearing throughout the USA
  • Gasoline now well over $4 per gallon everywhere…and Biden admin shuts down production
  • Inflation destroying small business; devastating to Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck (estimated as 60% of Americans)

America’s elected reps are not working to solve America’s problems

This is not sustainable


Biden Surrenders US Sovereignty: WHO cares?


World Health Organization maneuvering to take control of humanity—irrespective of sovereign nation-states—under the guise of public health management

Biden admin SUPPORTS this surrender of US sovereignty

Former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann speaks out

  • There should be bi-partisan fierce opposition to this idea
  • Congress should refuse to fund support of or membership in WHO
  • Senate should demand ‘treaty’ level of approval required (two-thirds of Senators)

Public health institutions colossally failed in covid pandemic management

Centralizing ‘world’ authority for further public health (mis)management is a horrible idea

American citizens and American physicians must rise up to reject WHO control


Who’s Funding & Fomenting Abortion Protests?


Rush Limbaugh once demonstrated how 10 people can use social media technology to appear to be a mob of thousands (as leftists tried to scare off advertisers on Rush’s show)

Soros and the Communist Party of the USA are ultimately funding hysterical abortion protests

  • Arson against pregnancy centers
  • Graffiti on Catholic churches
  • Disruption of Catholic masses

Intended to make heartland Americans fear they are out of step/antiquated in their beliefs

        At the core:  we are witnessing an all-out assault on Christianity in America


Leftists:  get rid of God and faith…get rid of nuclear family…get rid of sexual morality

  Leftists stole the 2020 election, and

all hell has been breaking loose ever since