Why It Matters – The May 11th Show

ObamaGate: Justice for All?


Trump tweet launches the term “Obamagate

America has long stayed away from legal harassment of past presidents…

…generally considered the behavior of banana republics, not the USA


Barack Obama is now plainly implicated as the possible ringleader of the attempt to frame

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, which was the critical beginning element of the Russia collusion hoax that was intended to take out President Trump….In other words:

Barack Obama is implicated in a coup attempt against President Trump

There MUST be questions asked, and accountability imposed

A coup against a duly elected President is a crime against America


What Obama Knew and When


January 5, 2017 – A new day of infamy for America?

  • Meeting is prior to Trump’s inauguration; in the Oval Office
  • Obama, Biden, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Yates, Rice in attendance, which means…

President, Vice President, Directors of CIA, DNI, FBI, and Asst. Atty Gen, Nat’l Sec. Adv.

This is the pinnacle of the Obama administration power structure

  • Obama already knows of a Flynn phone call (from CIA? FBI?) with Russian diplomat
  • Obama already knows there was nothing wrong with the call (he has the transcript)
  • A Flynn investigation recently determined by field agents to have turned up no ‘derogatory’ information and ready to be closed, is thereafter re-opened
  • The setup interview of Flynn followed on 1/24

“What did he know and when did he know it?”

Answers already aren’t good for Obama


Flynn: Left’s Fury & GOP’s FLOP


AG Barr is incriminated??!!

Dismissing charges against an innocent 3-star American General framed by the FBI and unlawfully coerced by Mueller into a plea deal undermines the rule of law??!!

The absence of shame or apology at the outrage of now-confirmed FBI behavior

raises troublesome questions:

  • About the MSM: Is “Hate Trump” worth destroying the rule of law?       OR

Were they accomplices to the coup?

  • About former GOP Speaker Paul Ryan: If he initially balked at helping Trump because

he believed the ‘institutions’ of the DOJ and FBI more than Trump…

why isn’t he publicly outraged now?

The weeks ahead are going to be powerfully revealing of govt corruption


Schiff’s Demonic Dishonesty


Congressman Adam Schiff’s repeated public lies as to the non-evidence of Russia collusion

by Trump kept America roiled for three+ years

Schiff’s were not mistakes of interpretation….they were knowing lies…

…and they were deeply damaging to America

That Schiff remains in good standing with the Democrat Party, and remains as Chair of the

House Intelligence Committee under Speaker Pelosi should deeply disturb all Americans

Partisanship is expected and ok

Multiple, publicly stated lies in furtherance of a coup attempt is not ok

            Criminal accountability ought to be imposed on Schiff