Why It Matters – The May 12th Show

Why It Matters – The May 12th Show

Liz Cheney & America’s Civil War


U.S. Rep Liz Cheney “got it” when the Democrats first tried to impeach Trump over the false claim of Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress in February of 2020.  She called out the Dems for abusing the impeachment power.

BUT she voted to impeach Trump over the January 6th violence at the Capitol, not recognizing OR ELSE not caring that it was exactly the same  motive Democrats had in this 2021 impeachment as they had in 2020.  To destroy Trump & his Agenda.

Neither impeachment was about Trump’s personality or  his conduct. BOTH were motivated by the Leftist hatred of the America First message Donald Trump spread, and that the American people love. America First is intolerable to today’s Democrat Party.

America’s internal battle – ideological civil war

Is about America the Free.


Liz Cheney OUT: GOP Derangement IN


Congresswoman Liz Cheney was removed as the House Republican Conference Chair

  • NOT because she criticized disagreed with Trump on military or any other policy
  • NOT because she voted to impeach President Trump
  • NOT because she is a woman and being treated differently.

She was removed because she continues to loudly and publicly reject 2020 election fraud AND says  that discussing election fraud will incite violence.

She (purposely?) leaves the impression that she is speaking on behalf of the GOP

She is aiding and abetting the DEMs mission to crush election integrity investigations

She does not recognize the battle we are in for America

It is NOT about Trump.

It is about the future of fair elections and of America.