Why It Matters – The May 12th Show

Seth Rich Rises Again


The pivotal assumption of the Russia Collusion hoax was…DNC hacked by Russians!

            FBI never verified hacking; relied on ‘Crowdstrike’—a private cybersecurity firm

Recently released transcripts of House Intel comm. questioning of Crowdstrike CEO:

Crowdstrike had no direct evidence Russians had ‘exfiltrated’ the emails

Wikileaks’ Julian Assange has publicly implied he got DNC emails from Seth Rich of DNC

Atty Ty Clevenger, representing Ed Butowsky in defamation cases relating to the Seth Rich murder investigation, has disclosed his letter to ODNI Ric Grenell stating that Wikileaks/Rich emails are in possession of ODNI—and demands their release

Such emails potentially PROVE there was never a Russian hack of DNC

Explosive dimension of coup plotting; new array of Co-conspirators


Coronavirus – Truth in Numbers


Original predictive model from Imperial College London – now exposed as based on

primitive coding…so flawed as to be practically fraudulent

  • Half of US coronavirus deaths in five states
  • CDC says 90% of those hospitalized in USA have other complicating conditions
  • CDC says deaths peaked in mid-April
  • Early opening in Georgia since validated by low numbers of new cases, ICU usage, vent’s

Compare California, still on lockdown

America’s fear level is based on erroneous projections

Actual data says fear level unjustified, too high

The ‘science’ says time to reopen


Coronavirus Reaction – Science or Plot?


  • Evidence of infections in Oct. 2019; evidence of Wuhan Lab shutdown in Oct. 2019

When did the ‘pandemic’ really start? Effect on lethality rate is to radically diminish it

  • Blue states that are extending lockdowns are not following ‘science’
  • Multiple, credentialed medical experts say

Masks are not appropriate

Social distancing is accomplishing nothing that is ameliorative

Americans are waking up – the lockdown is not about science or public health

It’s about the left using political power to hurt the economy in order to hurt Trump


Hair Salons and Civil Disobedience


Shelley Luther is the Rosa Parks of this era

  • Racial discrimination is wrong and barred by the Constitution
  • Govt control of individual freedom to work is wrong and barred by the Constitution

America is long past the point of pandemic ‘emergency’

Continued lockdown is indefensible and violates the Bill of Rights

This is the right and moral foundation for civil disobedience on a national scale

Will Patriots step up?