Why It Matters – The May 13th Show

Flynn Case: Emmet Sullivan Removes His Mask


Judge Emmet Sullivan, presiding over Flynn case, is now soliciting ‘friend of the court’

briefs from third parties as to arguments against dismissing the Flynn plea deal

after DOJ has dismissed all charges for improper DOJ behavior and lack of a crime

Sullivan previously ruled 24 times in Flynn case that no such briefs were permitted by law

  • There is no possible justification for Sullivan’s action if there is respect for truth
  • The truth is documented – Obama’s DOJ/FBI framed Flynn and extorted a plea by threatening to prosecute Flynn’s son…DOJ/FBI criminality against an innocent man

This is about protecting Obama by pressuring barr

This ruling marks the depth and rot of the DC Swamp

Declassification of EVERYTHING re Russia Collusion Hoax

MUST occur ASAP; and Sullivan should be impeached


Justice System Under Obama Attack


DOJ Spokeswoman Kerri Kupec, May 12, 2020:

What happened to candidate Trump was one of the greatest political injustices in history

The full declassification/disclosure of all documentation relating to the orchestration

of the Russia Collusion hoax will expose Obama, his administration and the MSM

as dishonest, lawless, and corrupt on a scale never seen in American history

Every senior leader on both sides of the political aisle knows this

Political pressure inside the Beltway may be at an all-time high

America’s survival as free people under the rule of law

depends on outing the full truth, now