Why It Matters – The May 14th Show

Senator Rand Paul Fights Fauci


  • Rand Paul is a doctor; has had coronavirus; has recovered; has treated CV patients
  • Paul’s back-and-forth with Dr. Fauci is a must-listen; eviscerates Fauci’s approach
    • But every MSM headline about Fauci testimony is about his warnings over

‘premature’ reopening, keeping the fear alive

Americans are waking up—

The continuing lockdowns are not about science or safety or public health

They are about leftism running wild with the opportunity to crush American freedom and a successful Trump economy and the Trump re-election

The American people are going to have to rise to stop this


3 Month Prison Term for all of LA County


  1. Deaths in LA County as of May 12: 1,631, over half of California Covid deaths
  2. This is approximately 0.000075 of the CA population; or one thousandth of one percent
  3. And the LA County Bd of Supervisors extended the lockdown for three more months

            because of not enough testing

This is not remotely sensible or justified by facts; it is agenda driven…to leverage Covid-19 economic catastrophe into federal government bailout of California’s mismanaged finances

The people of Los Angeles must rise up and insist on reversing this

The President and Senate must stay firm: No blue state bailouts


Washington State: Collecting Names and Numbers


Leftist state government is proceeding with new tracking program:

In case of infection…and the need to track who might be exposed…

To eat at a restaurant, customers must provide name, address and phone number

Americans must be alert: this is how a pandemic is leveraged into a police state

Businesses become extensions of the state; legalized monitors and snitches

And all over a disease with the lethality of a bad flu?

This should not be a partisan issue; destruction of freedom harms ALL


Pelosi’s Debt Bomb Insanity


$3 Trillion more in pandemic spending is delusional

Everyone knows this is pure money-printing

Pelosi is grandstanding, hoping to ride any GOP resistance to victory in 2020

This is the evidence the pandemic is long past anything relating to a public health crisis

It is a political tool to hammer Trump with

President Trump and the Senate must firmly reject this

            America must re-open, everywhere and ASAP

                        And American freedom must be preserved

The stakes could not be higher for America