Why It Matters – The May 16th Show

Why It Matters – The May 16th Show

Durham Report:  YUGE Fork in the American Road


John Durham completed ‘special counsel’ investigation of Russia collusion hoax

  • Found NO evidence backing the decision to launch “Crossfire Hurricane” investigation of Trump

Let that sink in:  Durham FOUND. NO. EVIDENCE. backing Trump investigation

ØComey, Brennan, McCabe, Rosenstein and Mueller ALL KNEW that Russia collusion hoax was an HRC campaign ‘stunt’ from the beginning

ØLed Congress and the American people through three years of LIES…all to discredit the man the American people elected as their President

ØNo justice would be severe enough for this level of perfidy to the Constitution

Durham didn’t deliver enough indictments

But he did deliver a YUGE indictment of a completely corrupt and dishonest DOJ and FBI

GOOD can come from this


Durham:  Abject Corruption Exposed – Now What?


DOJ/FBI corruption now so completely exposed…any adult with a conscience can see it

  • No sentient, objective American trusts these institutions to be unbiased, apolitical

There is no possible way to ‘fix’ either; THEY MUST BE DISMANTLED; START OVER

1)Terminate EVERY attorney and agent

2)Rehire ONLY after complete vetting and removal of candidates whose behavior indicated politics motivated official actions


Response to Durham’s report should winnow GOP Presidential candidates

  • ANY candidate who soft-pedals this level of corruption is inadequate for the job
  • ANY candidate who doesn’t call for dismantling both institutions doesn’t grasp the problem

Durham’s report will further solidify Trump’s support


Border & Debt Ceiling Deal?


Keep an eye on debt ceiling negotiations

Standard assumption:

  • BOTH parties do not want a US default on its debt
  • Hardball negotiations until compromise forced by mutual desire to avoid default

But why does anyone think the radical left does NOT want a US default?

  • Default will bring further financial chaos…a Wall St mess spilling into Main Street
  • Chaos, lawlessness, financial collapse—these serve the leftist goal to take down America
  • Cloward-Piven was always about burdening the US ‘system’ until it collapses

The leftist cabal is increasingly exposed as a force of malevolent Marxism

They are running out of time against the American awakening

A consequential summer ahead…