Why It Matters – The May 16th Show

Why It Matters – The May 16th Show

Durango, Casablanca & America Today


Ideas from a Colorado talk…

Movie classic “Casablanca” released in 1943

  • WWII NOT over; WWII outcome NOT known
  • Yet Hollywood knew: no one had to explain why EVERYONE wanted to escape to America

Since 1943…America has moved in a positive direction on all societal fronts:

  • Rising standard of living for all rungs of the economic ladder
  • Racial progress and harmony
  • Healthcare/longevity

Yet the radical left/Hollywood today tell the American people  their country is evil, a hotbed of racial bigotry and violence, and lacking compassion for the less fortunate

The left’s storyline about America is a lie

and must be rejected on all fronts


Buffalo Evil & Leftist Racial Agitators


WaPo and other leftist legacy media try to equate border enforcement with racism…

…and elevate the Buffalo incident into proof of systemic racism in America

This leftist narrative is a lie

Mass shootings have evolved into partisan political spectacles over big societal themes

Individual culpability and responsibility gets lost in the competing narratives

A lot yet to be learned about the Buffalo incident, but shooter’s apparent tribute to victim of Kenosha hate crime highlights the media’s culpability in fomenting racial division through exclusive focus on race of perpetrator and victims…in Kenosha, black on white crime was ignored; in Buffalo, white on black crime is hyped

       Leftist agitation toward racial division must be seen through and rejected


Twitter Truth: Algorithms & Bots & Liars Oh, my


Elon Musk is highlighting what Rush Limbaugh first highlighted

Twitter is abused by leftists using technology to make a tiny minority’s voice appear to be a mob of much greater magnitude

Musk has put Twitter acquisition on hold pending verification that no more than 5% of ‘users’ are fake/bots

Analysts have long suspected Twitter’s user estimates may be off by 15% or more

Musk may lower his offer or walk away; either way the exercise has exposed Twitter as not an honest reflection of majority opinion…more like manipulative and fraudulent


Sussman Trial Threatens Hillary


Durham’s trial of Michael Sussman for lying to the FBI starts today

Nominally:  about whether Sussman lied when he told FBI he was NOT representing a client at time he shared ginned up Russia collusion story with FBI/DOJ

Evidence of guilt is strong and unambiguous

Sussman defense seems to be either

  • Everybody knew he was acting on behalf of HRC campaign, so surface lie doesn’t matter OR
  • A jury in DC will be all leftists who hate Trump, so all lying is excused if purpose to get Trump

The real stench around the case:  HRC led a deep state coup attempt in the form of the Russia collusion hoax…and everyone knows it…but will US justice system be able to deliver justice?


Power-Hungry WHO vs Global Covid Summit


WHO and public health ‘authorities’ now locked in battle with traditional physicians

The WHO story

  • Pandemic not over
  • More danger ahead; more centralized control/planning needed
  • Only certain ‘experts’ can be trusted

The traditional physicians’ (Global Covid Summit) story

  • Return to the Hippocratic oath
  • Primacy of doctor-patient relationship
  • Integrity and not financial conflicts of interest to govern health ‘strategies’

Pfizer document dumps are making Pfizer and FDA and all public authorities look more and more corrupt…may take decades to restore trust