Why It Matters – The May 17th Show

Why It Matters – The May 17th Show

Casablanca Exposes Insidious Leftist Plot


America was understood in 1943 (year of Casablanca release) as the beacon of freedom


Nearly 80 years later, it STILL is and can be even better

The leftist portrayal of America as a cesspool of ‘systemic racism’ and hate and bigotry is the product of willful propaganda and thought manipulation for decades

Imperative for Americans to trust their American instincts and reject leftist narratives

Elon Musk is starting to show the extent of leftist manipulation…


Twitter Exposed: Elon AND Veritas


Project Veritas video captures Twitter engineer describing Twitter employees as…

….‘commie as f***’

Elon Musk repeatedly speaking publicly of doubts of Twitter’s ‘daily active user base’

  • Now openly questioning whether fake accounts may be over 90% of numbers reported by Twitter!!!

If Musk doubts are proven justified…Twitter may be one of the biggest frauds ever

  • Reports of what is ‘trending’ on Twitter…reports of how many followers for leftists…all now appear to be completely bogus as a measure of actual American opinion

Americans must trust their American instincts:  Twitter opinion is not real opinion

Think for yourself; curate your own news and information


Public School Perversion Parade


Nevada-based mom tries to read to the school board a public school assignment given to  her 15 year old daughter…and the school board cut off her mic because it was offensive porn!

Americans must trust their American instincts

  • This Nevada episode is not ok
  • The mom is not the problem
  • The school board is the problem
  • The ONLY right school board action is to apologize to the mom (and all parents), investigate the assignment, and take remedial and disciplinary action where needed

And more moms need to run for school board!


Barnette vs Oz, Trump & Uni-Party


Pennsylvania GOP primary for US Senate seat features heavy political in-fighting

  • Trump-endorsed Mehmet Oz
  • RINO favorite David McCormick
  • MAGA favorite Kathy Barnette

Oz is nowhere close to conservative or MAGA; McCormick a hedge fund guy backed by McConnell; Barnette a spectacular personal life story but the subject of hit pieces from Hannity and other RINOs

Polls claim a dead heat between Oz and Barnette

     Americans must trust their instincts…a Trump endorsement is not infallible