Why It Matters – The May 17th Show

Why It Matters – The May 17th Show

Maoist Mindset Running America


  1. Apple hires former high level Facebook executive with full knowledge of his public posts generically criticizing weak Bay Area women
  2. Apple employees start a cancel campaign against the executive
  3. Apple fires the executive

Biden revokes Trump order on protecting US monuments; cancels ‘garden of heroes’

So it’s ok with Biden administration to tear down US monuments to US heroes

Read/listen to China refugee/immigrant Lily Tang Williams:

This is Maoism…rulers define approved truth; dissent is not permitted; dissenters banned from working, and eventually sent to re-education camp or killed

Americans are waking up; they will not accept this destruction of their country


Military Warns America; Space Force Shakeup


  • Open letter signed by 120 US military flag officers – warning that America is in peril
  • Such letters have been more common in recent years from leftwing military people

Such letters are rare from conservative, patriot military leaders

Open letter is not about traditional partisan politics; it’s about freedom v. Marxism

  • Detailed, comprehensive, compelling…read it yourself
  • First US Space Force Commander demoted because of warning of Marxism in the military

Americans are waking up

America IS in the midst of a Marxist revolution

The Marxist revolution must be decisively defeated if American freedom is to survive


Israel:  Litmus Test for Integrity


  • Hamas is a known terrorist organization funded by Iran
  • Hamas rocket attacks against Israel are intended to kill innocent civilians
  • Hamas/Iran seek destruction of the State of Israel and killing of all Jews
  • This is not a battle between moral equivalents
  • Hamas seeks the elimination of Israel; the Israelis seek to live…there is no middle ground
  • Israel is morally right to act forcefully to defend itself and stop the attacks

Biden’s overtures to Iran re re-instating JCPOA are green-lighting Iran/Hamas rocket attacks

Public official(s) asserting moral equivalence between Hamas and Israel are ignorant or evil