Why It Matters – The May 18th Show

Why It Matters – The May 18th Show

The Dangerously Asleep “Woke”


“Woke-ism” is wolf-labelling in sheep’s clothing

It’s just communism by another name, and it seeks the destruction of freedom

  • 1619 destroys the Declaration of Independence as the foundation of America
  • Critical race theory ditches ‘all men (and women) are created equal’
  • ‘White supremacy’ is not even remotely a major terrorist threat facing America
  • ‘Cancel culture’ is the end of free speech
  • Narrow global warming concerns morphed into one-world-govt-control of climate

The radical left agenda is not benign, and it is purposeful and serious

Americans must wake up and speak up

This is not a war to be won by uniformed soldiers


Covid “Crisis” Crash


  • India outbreak contained and dropping…through ivermectin and HCL, not vaccines
  • Texas data on deaths, positive cases, hospitalizations….lowest in 11+ months

Despite ending mask mandate March 10

  • US mortality rates back to pre-pandemic levels
  • More Americans opting to go mask-free; large retailers setting aside mask requirements
  • Death rates for covid vaccines far in excess of flu vaccines
  • Class action claims government coercion of ‘experimental’ vaccines violates Nuremberg protocols
  • Fauci indicates about half of staff at NIH NOT taking vaccines

Anecdotal data is pointing in all directions simultaneously

“Trust the science” has taken a beating

Reforming and re-staffing US public health institutions a must


The Problem of Merrick Garland


White supremacy is NOT a major terrorist threat in America

There is no substantial body of evidence backing up such an assertion

Serious people KNOW there is no substantial body of evidence backing it up

Yet Biden’s Attorney General tells the American public that white supremacy is THE major threat facing America. Does he really believe what he is saying?

If he doesn’t believe what he is saying, what is his purpose in doing so?

He is tying believing in the America First agenda & founding ideas, with racism

These are deeply troubling questions about Mr. Garland

Nagging fear among Americans:  Garland is trying to make MAGA support into terrorism

If so, Garland is engaged in unprecedented, destructive deceit and manipulation