Why It Matters – The May 18th Show

Why It Matters – The May 18th Show

Exposing the Left: Candace Owens


Candace Owens has produced a soon-to-be-released documentary:

“The Greatest Lie Ever Told:  George Floyd and the Rise of BLM”

  • George Floyd was a hardened, career criminal and drug addict, not a heroic figure
  • BLM’s founder exposed as corrupt—pocketing millions for personal gain…not for fighting racism

Owens is an heroic figure…incredible moral courage to point out lies and fraud that were engineered to convulse American society ahead of the 2020 election

Owens exemplifies the American character and courage that it will take to restore America

America is waking up from an orchestrated nightmare…a truly great awakening is ongoing


Boebert Busts Joy-Less


Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert posts Christmas photo of her sons proudly holding guns

Joy Behar of “The View” calls the photo ‘obscene’

Boebert responds to ‘Joy-less’ Behar:  go back to your ‘sex strike’

Boebert 1, Behar 0


Twitter:  Bubbles Keep Bursting


Reports that HALF of Biden’s 22 million Twitter followers are FAKE

But Biden’s 81 million votes were real….right?

Elon Musk has opened Pandora’s Box at Twitter

  • Twitter public filings may be materially false and misleading
  • Twitter’s links to US intelligence agencies for ‘influence operations’ now being explored
  • Project Veritas videos exposing Twitter execs and employees as militant ‘commies’ proudly engaged in censorship of American conservatives

Twitter is a house of cards…and Musk has brought a storm


Sussman Kangaroo Court Trial: HRC Looming


Mixed bag coming out of Sussman trial

  • Incestuous Beltway: Judge married to lawyer who represents Lisa Page (who, with apparent lover Peter Strzok, at center of Russia hoax)
  • Protecting corrupt institutions: Durham’s prosecutor Deborah Shaw in opening statement indicates the case is not about Trump or R’s or D’s, but about protecting ‘our FBI’ from those who would lie to it
  • But HRC is in the crosshairs…that’s where the buck stops in pushing the Russia collusion hoax

Hillary and Clinton machine squarely at odds with DC institutions

But ignores obvious corruption and collusion at FBI, DOJ and CIA, and with Mueller

Truth may not be as containable as Durham or defense counsel believe

Americans are paying attention…and they are restless