Why It Matters – The May 18th Show

Elon Musk Leading the Way – “Not Going to Take It”


Elon Musk—Tesla, SpaceX—is a cultural icon; billionaire not associated with politics per se

  • Connects with huge ‘non-boomer’ segments of America; new, younger Bill Gates
  • When he takes a stand for freedom, freedom becomes the front-burner issue

Musk defied the Oakland-Alameda County Health ‘authorities’

  • Opened the CA Tesla factory in defiance of lockdown
  • Offered to go to jail
  • Announced plans to move to Texas; the Authorities blinked; Tesla factory re-opened

Musk tweeted “Take the Red Pill” – wake up from this tyranny

Elon Musk is changing the national mood and conversation in a way neither politicians nor the MSM can



Say No to Tracking and Tracing – “Not Going to Take It”


Recent Covid-related developments

  • No spike in states that opened early
  • Of Illinois professors say masks unhelpful unless person wearing is sick
  • Michigan doctors suing Governor because lockdown inhibits non-covid patient care
  • Colorado official to seek criminal indictment of official who lied about Covid death data

In face of DATA showing dwindling pandemic that should NEVER have required lockdowns

Texas (!?) signs up for $295M of ‘tracking and tracing’ of everyone with a smartphone

…just to figure out who is infected, where they’ve been, and who they may have contacted, and then hand down quarantining and house arrest orders

This is a MONSTROUS power grab against freedom

TEXANS must refuse to comply


Trump Firing IGs is No Scandal


Inspectors General are supposed to be watchdogs for wrongdoing

at the agencies they are a part of

IGs are not supposed to be political partisans

IGs are not supposed to be agenda-driven Deep State policy hacks

Intelligence Community IG Atkinson acted as political partisan and agenda-driven Deep State policy hack in improper actions to prop up Ukraine whistleblower/impeachment fraud

AG Barr affirmed grounds for termination

Obama holdover IGs have been acting as Deep State Anti-Trumpers

                                    Trump is right to replace them


Socialist AOC Still Rolling


On a mission to ‘teach’ America’s children layer upon layer of the glories of socialism

Publicly ponders a run for US Senate in New York

Polls say she loses handily to either Schumer or Gillibrand, BUT

AOC gets up to 25% Democrat support

AOC is pathetically ignorant of socialism’s evils, but she is relentlessly vocal and a darling of the MSM and radical left

America’s restoration will be complete when AOC is un-elected by Americans who know better