Why It Matters – The May 1st Show

Why It Matters – The May 1st Show

Human Nature Thrives on Freedom (Socialism Smothers Everything)


Biden admin wants creditworthy borrowers to subsidize un-creditworthy borrowers

Separating reward from effort simply assures no one will make the effort

If everyone gets the same grade in a class, no one will try to get a high grade

èA race to mediocrity

Separating consequences from behavior will assure that the behavior continues

No penalty for theft è theft will continue

Making the play-by-the-rules people subsidize those who don’t play by the rules

èNobody will play by the rules

Socialism promotes lawlessness and slothèSociety decays and degrades

Freedom promotes human flourishing


Leftist Crime & Trans Policy Defy Human Nature


A developing pattern of rapists ‘transitioning’ so as to be placed in women’s prisons

èResult:  Prisons experiencing more rape and abuse of women

How can anyone not know why this is happening?

How can anyone pretend that this is ok?

Humoring fashionable lunacy has never carried such a steep societal cost

Children are being scarred for life

Suicides are rising

Line-drawing on matters of morality has been washed away

Time for an unequivocal NO to trans ideology


Chinese Threat at Joe’s Southern Border


Videos of military-aged single Chinese men coming in at southern border are going viral

Americans are right to ask what is going on?

There is NO peaceful explanation for this phenomenon that is credible

There are many belligerent and nefarious explanations that are increasingly credible

…and very disturbing

Formation of an occupying army???!!!


ØWhat would activate it?

Why wouldn’t an American President stop this or at least investigate?


This is Woman’s Hour: Feminism Today


Feminism was in many ways disguised leftism

  • Touting professional advancement for women seems positive

…except when accompanied by the denigration of motherhood

  • Supporting freedom from domestic/sexual abuse is positive

…except when accompanied by advocacy of rampant sexual license in place of morality

  • Feminism as leftism has been fully exposed by trans ideology

Trans ideology is the absolute end of women’s sports; it is an insult to women’s rights and equality

But it is consistent with leftists’ view of transhumanism and godless ‘carbon unit’ identity

American women MUST rise to lead the complete rejection of trans ideology