Why It Matters – The May 20th Show

Why It Matters – The May 20th Show

Flynn Lawyer’s Writ of Mandamus


No way to overstate the out-of-bounds behavior of Emmet Sullivan

  • Like an umpire ordering the game replayed because he didn’t like the winner
  • Only this is not a game…Sullivan is protecting criminal wrongdoing by Obama et.al.

and he knows it

  • Is he being blackmailed? Has he been bought? Or just a radical leftist in a robe?

Is the DC Circuit Court corrupt too? America will soon find out—

  • The clear purpose is to drag this out past the election…assume Biden will win…

…and then all wrongdoing will be covered up or washed away

For Americans paying attention: this is evidence of the Left’s all-out war on America

                 The Left is playing for all-or-nothing in 2020

American patriots must understand the stakes and fight back


Biden the Threat – Whitmer, Abrams


American patriots must not relax about Biden or take a Trump landslide for granted

Biden is the carrier…the disease is Leftism…and it is potentially fatal to American freedom

Make no mistake: The Left is engineering Biden’s candidacy

They don’t care about his senility; they will prop him up to do their bidding

Biden is moving way left; just the opposite of old school Dem wisdom

Abrams is an unaccomplished woman; Whitmer is a petulant and vindictive Gov.

But the Left thinks it can deliver the DEM ticket to the White House

And polls say it is possible