Why It Matters – The May 21st Show

Alan Dershowitz: “Govt Can FORCIBLY Vaccinate”


Dershowitz is a respected Constitutional lawyer and generally a fair-minded liberal

But there are massive and questionable assumptions underlying his ‘pronouncement’

Remember: Forced injections = Auschwitz

  1. Who determines what disease is sufficiently dangerous and contagious?

What metrics define this? Covid lethality rates < a bad flu…

…America has NEVER forced vaccinations for the flu

  1. Who determines what vaccine is sufficiently safe and efficacious?

What metrics define this? What % side effects? What % of failures?

Americans are witnessing monumental failures of Covid ‘experts’, every day

Are Americans really willing to let experts dictate forcible vaccinations?


Tracking & Tracing – Need v. Danger


CDC is pushing track and trace (T & T) programs as critical to re-opening

This is the camel’s nose of tyranny inside the tent of liberty

Don’t buy the bogus arguments

“It’s strictly voluntary” – Sure, unless not enough people volunteer…then what?

“Incentives” to comply => ‘social credit system’ separating the good citizens from the bad

It’s worth it if it saves one life” – Get real! Banning driving will save thousands of lives but will end the freedom to move around as we please…we would not think of banning driving

T & T is the beginning of the end of individual sovereignty…the answer is NO, and HELL NO

We HAVE to do something” – No, we don’t….Look at the data! We are not stuck on stupid

Covid does NOT warrant extreme measures

            Technology that says we CAN do T &T does not mean we SHOULD


Memorial Day


Always remember and ‘re-ponder’ those who gave the ultimate sacrifice

Why did they do it?
What were they fighting to preserve and protect?

Americans in 2020 do not have to storm the beaches of Normandy

They do not have to die for the sake of preserving freedom

But in 2020—

  • Americans DO have to rise up and take a stand
  • Americans DO have to challenge & perhaps engage in civil disobedience vs.Covid tyrants
  • Americans DO have to insist on reopening their country, and living life
  • Americans MUST refuse to surrender individual freedom to Experts