Why It Matters – The May 22nd Show

Why It Matters – The May 22nd Show

Durham Report Revelations: Swamp Exposed but Now, What?


FBI/DOJ corruption, brazen dishonesty, abuse of legal process, stunning double standards

  • FBI/DOJ now definitively exposed
  • No evidence of shame or remorse
  • Whistleblowers being punished
  • MSM still covering for FBI/DOJ or ignoring the story and its implications

And in Washington, D.C…absolutely ZERO steps toward accountability

Disconnect between an utterly defiled and discredited ruling class and the American ideal

of a noble, ‘self-governing’ people…has never been larger in US history

This level of disconnect is unsustainable

  • Human nature, enriched and lifted by living in freedom and justice, will NOT tolerate it

  Historic times in America – Get engaged on the side of America as founded!


FBI & DOJ Corruption Permeates Entire Justice System


ØFBI/DOJ reps who leak and lie (including while under oath)

ØFBI/DOJ willingness to fabricate crimes and evidence against political enemies

ØCorrupt prosecutors who withhold exculpatory evidence

ØCowardly FISA and other judges

ØRubber-stamp Beltway juries who convict for the crime of being conservative

ØObvious criminality by Biden, Obama, Clinton—tossed aside and ignored


The entirety of the US justice system has collapsed into dishonesty and immorality

There is no precedent for national recovery following moral collapse on this scale

Maybe Americans can save our Country…maybe not

But if Americans don’t try…it won’t be done

Get engaged to save America!