Why It Matters – The May 23rd Show

Why It Matters – The May 23rd Show

Biden Monkeying with Pox & Fear


Biden deplanes in Asia by himself, fully masked, walks over to talk with reporters, unmasked

Biden claiming monkeypox is something ‘everyone should be concerned’ about

News items:

  • Monkeypox vaccine developed in 2019 (??)
  • ‘Tabletop’ public health exercise in 2021 ‘hypothetically’ projected monkeypox pandemic starting in May 2022 (??)
  • Wuhan Lab assembled monkeypox genome with PCR test for it…paper published Feb 22 (??)

Americans’ trust in ‘public health authorities’ is RIGHTFULLY near ZERO

monkeypox has many signals of contrived fear porn


Hillary Did It:  Now What?


HRC Campaign Manager Robby Mook testified under oath that Hillary approved the launch

of the Russia collusion hoax

NOTE:  The infamous ‘Mueller investigation’ team NEVER SPOKE WITH MOOK

Takeaways from Durham/Sussmann

  • Sussmann’s culpability is minor in relation to Hillary Clinton
  • Hillary’s lying and dirty tricks have done tremendous damage to America
  • Mueller investigation was a complete sham; only purpose was to coverup for HRC/ruling class
  • NYT and WaPo yet to acknowledge their role in magnifying a fraud against America

Standard ruling class expectation:  No Clinton is ever held accountable…is this the exception?

Hillary Clinton appears guilty of plotting and executing a coup attempt

In a righteous nation, punishment should be severe


Pelosi, Abortion & Catholic Communion


Catholic Bishop announces Pelosi cannot take communion

SF Examiner immediately calls for Pope to remove the Bishop

A near perfect encapsulation of leftist ‘religion’

  • Abortion is an absolute right; no other religious teaching is relevant
  • If Catholicism or Christianity opposes secular leftist religion, the solution is to force Catholicism and Christianity to change to conform to secular leftist religion

DEMS are radically out of touch with Judeo-Christian America


DAVOS  & WHO “Steal America’s Sovereignty” Meeting

Even Catholic Archbishop Vigano recognizes the stealing of sovereignty is treason

…and that is exactly what the WHO would like to accomplish, subjugating ALL nations of the world to WHO dictates/mandates/policies

Former Cong. Michele Bachmann argues for shutdown of legislative process until WHO’s claims are definitively shut down

  • But America’s ‘Republican’ leaders are conspicuously silent; gutless and spineless

Never has an American ruling class been so out of touch with the American people

Massive turnover of elected officials is needed


Disinformation CZAR #1 Quits, #2 is Worse

Re the Disinformation Governance Board—

  • Nina Jankowicz was cringeworthy in immaturity and lack of qualifications

But her proposed replacement Michael Chertoff–

  • Primary author of the Patriot Act – opened the floodgates of govt surveillance of Americans
  • Endorsed and supported the Russia collusion hoax: quintessential disinformation

Entire concept of a Disinformation Governance Board is anti-American, anti-Constitution and morally and ethically repugnant to the principle of freedom of speech

Should never have been proposed

should not be funded by Congress

should be discontinued immediately