Why It Matters – The May 24th Show

Why It Matters – The May 24th Show

FB Removes Pro-Israel Page & 77M+ followers


  • Pro-Israel/pray-for-Israel FB page, operated by an American Christian, has 77 million followers
  • Outbreak of Hamas’ rocket attacks, and Israeli response, provokes avalanche of vile and violent anti-Semitic comments on the FB page…quintessential ‘hate speech’ that echoes the Holocaust
  • And what does Facebook do?

            Take down the hateful comments?  NO

Take down the pro-Israel website?  YES, with this message:

“We removed Jerusalem Prayer Team’s Facebook page for violating our rules against spam and inauthentic behavior”

These actions of Facebook are plainly and inexcusably anti-Semitic

These are the same people deciding everything that their users should know or not know

This is an example of the extreme danger posed by Big Tech censorship and totalitarian thought-control

Americans need to drop FB, use alternative social media


Bill Barr & State-Run Religion


Former AG Bill Barr’s May 20 speech on religious liberty is must reading

…available at Alliance Defending Freedom (adflegal.org)

Barr’s review of educational history in the USA is thorough and accurate

Radical left is not just infringing on the ‘free exercise’ of religion;

It is pushing a de facto establishment of a state religion of atheism

America’s DNA:  One Creator; self-evident truths; God-given inalienable rights of men/women

Atheism: intellect and materialism untethered to any truth

America’s freedoms permit atheism but atheism, as a state-established religion will not permit America to continue

That is why alarm bells are sounding:  the radical left’s agenda is the destruction of America